Energy healing sessions are no touch sessions that last from 30-90 minutes.  The sessions take place in a comfortable, private space.  We will spend some time in consultation before and after each session.  I use a combination of modalities to acheive what is best to meet your needs. 

A little about how energy healing works...

  We are made up of energy.  The physical body is affected by the different layers and energy centers (also known as aura and chakras) that may be undetectable by sight for most people.  Energy healing is a way to clear blockages such as stagnant energy and stuck emotions and in turn balance these energy centers.  When the energy body is cleared and balanced,  then the physical body can return to a more balanced state.

 As an example, when you go to the beach, your body may be cleansed of many blockages in and around the saltwater, sun, and sand;  enabling your body to come in to a state of balance.  You may or may not be aware of what's happening energetically, but you may feel better mentally, physically, and spiritually as a result of the "invisible" healing.  In contrast, if you walk in to a room where there has been stress, you might feel that heavy or dense energy.  Our energy and physical bodies can be affected by that as well. 

 My goal is to work on the energy body to support optimal wellbeing.

 Some the benefits of I've seen with many of my clients are easier spiritual connection, mental clarity, relaxation, greater momentum towards life purpose, abundance and prosperity, and so much more.  It is so exciting and such an honor to be a part of something so divine!   


 Email to inquire or book a session.  Sessions are held in room 102 inside Soul Wellness Holistic Center @Merino Mill in downtown Mooresville, NC.